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News / June 23, 2015

Councelling Offered in 6 Local Schools

Posted on: June 23, 2015 at 22:13

In a climate where funding for the emotional wellbeing of children in Surrey is limited and hard to secure we decided to liaise with a fully qualified and insured local counsellor, Lisa Jones of Hopfield Counselling, to offer free counselling sessions for children within local schools.  Lisa has extensive experience in working with young people helping them to cope with issue such as bereavement, lack of self-confidence anger and self-harm to name a few. 
We have set aside funding within our organisation to enable Lisa to go into local schools to meet with any children that could benefit from either small group or individual counselling within the School environment.  We are extremely proud to be working with Mrs Jones, who has already completed some sets 10 week sessions with children whom have been put forward by their Schools.
Some feedback includes 'I believe that Lisa helped this child to come to terms with a trauma he has experienced in his life, through patience and expertise.  I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this wonderful Service...'

More information about Hopfield Councelling can be found at 
We now have a short waiting list for this service, however, if you know a local child or young person who may benefit from this support please contact us on